How The Ecommerce App is Changing the Online Retail Landscape

Thinking about building an ecommerce app for your business? Let me map out why this is a good idea for any business looking to leverage their online shoppers and build some brand loyalty.

Let’s start with some stats

Mobile ecommerce in Australia is booming at an alarming rate. In fact, according to data by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, it accounts for three out of every ten online sales made. Not just that but habitually its linked with frequent purchasing as opposed to the occasional one off. That means its breading brand loyalty.

Of the same survey, 75% reported said they had made a purchase on their smartphone or mobile device within the last month alone. This is quite staggering but not as surprising as you might think. Considering mobile-driven technology is outpacing regular online retail channels by up to 300% globally. You can see why it is becoming increasingly more popular compared to conventional online channels.

Here’s the stat you really want to leverage: 59% of retail shoppers are more encouraged to buy more from you if you offer a loyalty program. Its now ingrained into the psyche of the regular shopper that he/she should be rewarded for using your ecommerce app.

Change your focus towards an ecommerce app

As an online retailer it can be easy to fall into the trap of focusing all your efforts entirely towards your website and traditional ecommerce. Of course it’s still an important way for your customers to find you and your products. However, if you look at the facts, it’s clear to see just how active today’s generation are on their smartphones. This will only keep increasing.

With this in mind, think about how much you could really be missing out if you don’t leverage the phone’s full capabilities. That why we believe every business should have a mobile app.

Look let me be clear, responsive websites are great and ALWAYS should be the place to start. These days if you’re willing to put some effort in you can put one together for less than $100 (just get a template of themeforest). However when you’re ecommerce business is in full force, you’d be crazy not to leverage the benefits of a mobile app.

The true benefits of an ecommerce app

As I hinted above you don’t start with a mobile app. This is something you build when you’ve nailed your initial launch marketing and have your early adopters wrapped up! Mobile apps are then used to:

Truthfully there’s plenty of other reasons, not just from a sales and exposure stand point, that have huge benefits even from aftercare to support. Mobile commerce really is reshaping traditional business and having a meaningful impact on the way customers gravitate towards purchasing, and the mindset behind making the purchase itself.

A case study: NoQ

I suppose at this point it would be worth to share what one of our customers are doing: NoQ. They are a queue jump system initially designed for festivals. Attendees to their festivals are able to see all the food on offer and purchase through their ecommerce app and skip the queues at the same time.

Interestingly they found that not only was the average purchase higher when purchased through the phone as opposed to cash at the till, they also found that users were much more likely to make a second purchase. This would have been down to the vastly better experience of purchasing on your phone as opposed to missing the festival in a queue.

They are now offering their tried and tested architecture to any ecommerce business that wants an app of their own:

NoQ Ecommerce App
NoQ Ecommerce App
Ecommerce App for Restaurants and Cafes

The trend is there so if you’re a retailer, I highly recommend getting yourself an ecommerce app.

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