How to Choose the Right Software Development Company!

Do you go Off-The-Shelf or choose Custom Software Development?

In-House or Software Development Company

  • The Budget — how much money does your company have to spend on software (including the appropriate marketing to launch your custom platform);
  • The Scope of Work — what actually needs to be built and what’s your MVP;
  • Required Skills — what software-related skills to you need to successfully deliver a workable MVP;
  • Length of the Project — how long will it take between strategy and launch (is hiring full-term staff viable?);
  • Ongoing Requirements — what do you need to maintain and grow the software.

Qualities of a Good Software Development Agency

Qualities of a Good Software Development Agency
Qualities of a Good Software Development Agency
  • Product Strategist — someone who can validate your idea and put together a product roadmap;
  • UI/UX Specialist — a designer (or two) that is not only skilled with graphics but understand how to deliver a top-quality user experience;
  • Account Manager — someone who is going to keep up the lines of communications between you and the more tech-inclined members of the team;
  • Software Architect — a head developer that will manage define the technical scope, manage the project and direct the developers;
  • Specialist Developers — a good team should consist of multiple developers, dealing with different parts of the process, from front end to back end;
  • ·Testers — having UAT testers on the books can be a lifesaver when it comes to pre-launch preparations.

How do you choose the Right Software Development Company

1. Create a shortlist of developers with a solid business background

2. Deliver a brief and request a detailed quote

3. Veer away from cheap (off-shore) agencies

4. Request a reference or two

5. Sign on the dotted line

Things to avoid when choosing a Software Developer

  1. Requesting most or all of the funds upfront
  2. Not providing a price breakdown for the quote
  3. Unable to provide credible references and/or demos of past projects
  4. No online presence and/or incorporated company




LinkedIn Specialist | UI/UX Designer | Marketeer | App Developer

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James Killick

James Killick

LinkedIn Specialist | UI/UX Designer | Marketeer | App Developer

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