I probably should have noted that these validation tips are not viable for games. With games (and a few other categories of entertainment apps), you are not trying to solve a problem, only keep the user entertained and consistently coming back for more.

Social media apps like Facebook on the other hand, definitely do solve problems. Without going into too much detail here, platforms like Facebook, MySpace and Bebo (arguably the first social media platforms) historically solved a massive communication issue. Prior to their emergence, there were very few efficient ways to share your thoughts and photos across a user’s wider network. Your options were limited to the likes of Email and MMS messaging.

Facebook, as our main example, prospered so convincingly because it enabled users to stay connected with friends, family and so on (i.e. the masses) with very little effort. The concept of statuses, enabled users to share their thoughts with their connections on a huge scale. Photos could be shared, liked and commented on, all things we take for granted now but did not exist prior. It also allowed you to build a connection with what was essentially a stranger and communicate in a relatively safe medium.

Not to say I necessarily agree that we should move from personal modes of communication to the impersonal ones like social media but clearly the masses have found these solutions advantageous….

Plus it should be mentioned that social media emerged at a time when people were struggling to communicate effectively in what was/is becoming a decentralised world.

These days, not only do social media apps solve issues for users, they also provide business advertising solutions. Businesses can reach out to touch a much wider audience than ever before, with very smart targeting and all without breaking the bank.

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