Shopify Australia — How to set up your Online Store

What is Shopify Australia and how do I set up an online store?

Shopify Australia - eCommerce Platform
The Shopify Australia eCommerce Platform

What are the benefits of setting up a Shopify Australia online store?

Here’s a list of advantages for using Shopify Austalia:

1. Ease of setting up and navigation:

2. Integrated with third-party ecommerce tools:

3. Store template options for great aesthetics:

4. Allows for easy payments:

5. Easily accessible:

6. Great customer support:

7. Reliable security measures:

8. Marketing tools for ecommerce:

What are Shopify Australia’s pricing packages?

Shopify Pricing —

What do you Need to Setup your Store on Shopify Australia?

1. Your business plan.

2. Your business name.

3. Your brand/logo.

4. Products or services.

5. Photos.

Step by step Guide to Setting up a Shopify Account

1. Go to Shopify’s website and make an account (they have a 14-day FREE trial)

2. Adding products to your store

Product Description

Product Price

Product Inventory

Product Shipping

3. Customizing my Shopify Store

4. Set up your Domain

5. Set up Shopify Australia Payments

6. Shopify Shipping in Australia with Sendle

Here’s what you need to setup Sendle in your Shopify Australia account:

  1. Your Australian Business Number (ABN) qualifies you for tax-free shipping on Shopify. Register your ABN by going to Settings and then to Billing;
  2. Select your items in the “Orders Page” and then click Create shipping labels;
  3. Choose an existing package or add a new one, enter the total weight of your products, and review the customs information if you’re shipping internationally;
  4. When all of this is done it’s now time to choose a parcel delivery method;
  5. In the “Shipping date” section, select the date that you plan to have your products picked up or dropped off. Your customer will receive a shipping confirmation notification on this date;
  6. You will then purchase shipping labels and print them from a desktop or thermal printer. Afterwhich these labels will be attached to the products ready to be shipped;
  7. All that needs to be done now is for the item to be picked up or dropped off at a Sendle location.

7. Using APIs to link into other fulfilment services




Blockchain, Mobile & Web App Design/Dev | Crypto DeFi & NFTs | Product Specialist | UI/UX | Marketing

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James Killick

James Killick

Blockchain, Mobile & Web App Design/Dev | Crypto DeFi & NFTs | Product Specialist | UI/UX | Marketing

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